Hi, there!

I’m Amber, graphic designer, brand strategist, classic over-achiever, and wannabe do-it-all gal.

I’ve lived at the intersection of marketing and design for over a decade, so I’ve been there, done that, and love this! Couple of things you will want to know about me:

I approach projects from both a creative and systematic perspective. The innovative side of my brain pushes me to deliver visually stunning designs that capture attention; meanwhile, my analytical side ensures that every process and detail has a purpose that supports the overall client and company objectives. I completely geek out over creative strategy.

I am a high-dive kinda gal. Give me a birds-eye view, then let me cannonball into the middle of a project. I am not afraid to get my hair wet and love it when great designs make a splash – for all the right reasons!

Where you can find me:

I’m readily reachable online, but you won’t find me on every platform (TikTok challenges just aren’t my jam). The best way to connect is on Facebook, Instagram, and email.


Intuitive design with thoughtful functionality. I believe that great design captures attention and communicates to evoke action. To ensure my efforts reflect that, I always consider both the visual and functional needs from the perspective of the client, project and receiving audience.

Easy, convenient, and lots of fun! Over 98% of my projects are from returning clients and their referrals. I care deeply about creating personalized experiences with high-quality deliverables, which has become the foundation for these ongoing work relationships.

My DISC Personality trait is a cross-style of Decisive and Supportive meaning that I am industrious, practical, driven, helpful, plus project & people-oriented. If you follow the Enneagram Personality Test, I am an Achiever (#3) followed very closely by a Perfectionist (#1) and Giver (#2) split.

For over a decade now I have offered a fusion of design + marketing + website services across a wide range of brands and industries including AT&T, UPS, Energizer, and Build-A-Bear Workshop. This range of experience has cultivated an intuitive ability to acclimate quickly to new projects, design styles, and audience demographics.

From an educational standpoint, I have extensive training in public relations, marketing, and graphic design. I graduated from Brigham Young University in Provo, UT, with a communications degree in public relations/marketing + minors in both Spanish and business. After working in corporate and agency environments for a while, I became frustrated with large organizations’ clunky, departmentalized, and hurry-up-and-wait nature that left clients with oversized bills and drawn-out timeframes. Determined to streamline the process and cut the fluff, I studied branding and graphic design before launching my own business.

My superpowers are brand strategy, logo + identity creation, web design, development + hosting, sales pages, and funnel ninja skills.