Kick off New Year’s by booting resolutions to the curb.


New Year’s intentions are more attainable and sustainable than resolutions.

Though only a nuance of difference, New Year’s intentions are gaining popularity as they are typically more forgiving and focused on the effort and process versus a succeed-or-fail mentality of resolutions.

I made the switch a few years ago, and have loved not only the heightened focus for the coming months but also an appreciation for the journey of my pursuit.

2018, my word was “balance.”

2019, it was also “balance” because, well… I completely botched it the year before. 

[If, at first, you don’t succeed, try try again]

I still can’t say that I have completely cracked the code of balanced living — Just ask Craig how many late nights and all-nighters still occurred between work and nighttime feedings – baby’s, not mine. (….ok, fine. Mine too.) 

BUT, I have learned to :

  • Define what balance looks like and means for me
  • Recognize my priorities and limitations
  • Accept that I can’t do everything or please everyone all the time (even though I really, really, really want to!)
  • Understand that balance isn’t just keeping all the balls in the air – it has a synergistic effect that can improve (or impede) the most important aspects of my life: family, faith, work, and health.

So now, going into 2020, I finally feel ready to take a step forward into the new year with a new word.

Are you ready for it????


Isn’t it lovely? 

Thanks to a little nudge from an online business buddy, this word encapsulates all of my intentions for 2020. 

Align means to:

  • Place or arrange into a correct or appropriate position
  • Give support to (a person, organization or cause)
  •  Come together in agreement or alliance

Ok, based on the definitions, you might be thinking this is barely a baby step away from balance (and we’ve witnessed a lot of baby steps at our house lately, #babyonthemove), but it’s not…

Balance is a noun. It exists as a state of being, a destination if you will.

Align a verb. It requires action, momentum, energy, and forethought.

It’s about being intentional about saying yes to what matters and letting go of what doesn’t. It’s being accountable to and supporting the goals set for myself, my family, and my faith. It’s prioritizing between the good, the better, and the best, and I’m pretty excited about it!

What is your word or intention this year?

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