Don’t Let Design derail your momentum


1 Designer | 1 Client | 1 Task List | 1 Day

DONEINADAY is a 1 day power-packed, done-for-you-design-intensive that maximizes your time while I tame your to-do list.

Sound familiar?

“If I could have just one day to focus uninterrupted, I’d get so much done!”

Whether it’s creating a brand, refreshing a website, leveling up your social media presence or doing #allthethings to launch that new product, there always seems to be a punch list of things that need to be taken care of, and not enough time in the day to do it.

You can’t freeze time, but you can MAXIMIZE it.

Hermione’s magical time-turner necklace hasn’t hit the market, and you can’t sustain productivity living on caffeine and cat naps. The key to getting it all done is to maximize your efforts through outsourcing – that’s where I come in!

Grab an all-day virtual-intensive with me, and I’ll tame the design List so you can focus on the things only you can do.
That’s right, you can book me by the day – and the total number of days depends on what you need. What’s more, YOU GET TO ENJOY THE STRESS-RELIEVING PERKS OF:
  • The undivided attention of a seasoned designer with almost 2 decades of experience.
  • A majorly condensed delivery timeline so you can maintain momentum
  • Ability to prioritize your focus on the big picture and worry less about the details.
I have a great delivery record, but Don’t Just take my word for it

Here’s what others say!

So what’s possible in a day?

We’ll Customize the Day to Fit Your Needs…



Custom color palette & font selections, primary logo, secondary logo and submark logo designs, icons, brand style guide + Canva graphic templates for your unique needs.

Website Design

Hand over the copy and I will re-design, refresh or create a brand new website with a strategic design that makes your brand shine!  (4-5 pages in a day, 6-10 pages in two days.)

Sales Funnel

Design a new (long-from) sales page, or update and redesign a current sales page for your offer that’s beautifully designed to convert. Expert in most major Platforms.

Misc. Checklist

Maybe you need a Freebie PDF design, a course platform setup, slide decks, a landing page, or a workbook creation. Have a combination of all of the above?  I’ve got you!

How It works

Step 1: Book Your DONEINADAY Session

Choose a day that works best for you.  Keep in mind your prep work (copy, gathering logins, assets etc. Also choose a day you can be virtually-available to provide feedback. Book with a 50% deposit. The final balance is due the day before your intensive.

Step 2: Prep Homework

Once you’ve booked your date, you’ll receive an important email from me that includes all of the info you need and a link to schedule your pre-intensive call. If anything is unclear, simply reply to that email, and I’m happy to review it with you.

Step 3: Pre-Intensive Strategy Call

During your pre-intensive strategy call, we’ll delve into your project vision, fine-tune your offer, and, for website or funnel projects, craft a tailor-made copy outline. By the end, you’ll have a straightforward checklist of assets required to make the most of your VIP Day.

Step 4: VIP Day!

This is the day I dig in and get to work! I usually spend the first 1-2 hours developing design concepts, color palettes, font pairings, images, and frameworks before sharing proofs.  We will communicate through email, Facebook Messenger and/or Voxer as we knock out your project(s).

Step 5: Polish & Complete

My goal is to complete at least 95% of the project on the VIP Day, but it is also important to rest and return with fresh eyes. After the intensive, we will reconnect the following morning for a final review and revision requests ( up to 1 hour).

Step 6: Post- Intensive Support

For new platforms, I’ll provide you with a personalized training video for your site. Additionally, you’ll have access to 30 days of post-training email support. This way, you can easily get assistance if you encounter any confusion or challenges related to what we accomplished.

Hi, I’m Amber!

With almost two decades of experience in design, web development, communications, and marketing, I approach projects differently than most graphic designers.

I analyze my work from both a creative and systematic perspective. The innovative side of my brain pushes me to deliver visually stunning designs that capture attention; meanwhile, my analytical side ensures that every process and detail has a purpose that supports your objective and end goal.

Whether it is one day or more, I am excited to partner with your branding, graphic design, and website/funnel development needs.

Your Future Success Depends On Your Actions Today

Let’s make Your 1 Day Really Count!


DONEINADAY is a power-packed, done-for-you-design-intensive package that allows you to maximize your time while I tame your design task list. It is the perfect option for those who need quality design quickly without the expense of a long-term hire or costly retainer fee.

Basically, you invite me to join your team for 1 day – or more if you wish. For that duration, you have my undivided attention (no other clients, no distractions).

As we schedule your DONEINADAY, we will go over your project(s) to confirm the scope and deliverables. From there, I’ll provide an itemized checklist of any materials needed before I get started (logo files, copy, login access, etc.). These items must be available no later than 24 hours before work begins to avoid postponement.

On design day, the magic happens as I power through the agreed-upon to-do list with periodic check-ins to allow for feedback and design approval.

Final files are properly packaged in itemized folders and delivered electronically.

DONEINADAY is the perfect option for those who need quality design quickly without the expense of long-term hire or costly packages/retainer fees.

So far I have a 100% completion rate. I do everything I can to provide realistic timeframes and to ensure I can deliver as promised. That said, a large part of our success is up to you. Failure to complete your pre-VIP Day homework, being unavailable for check-ins or delays in feedback/approval can halt progress and will factor into the overall timeline. Reach out via or book a call and we can discuss your specific project.

Absolutely! All projects are properly formatted, packaged in itemized folders, and delivered electronically.

I don’t – I stick to the realm my design expertise BUT – if your project includes a website or sales funnel we will create a custom copy outline for your project during our strategy call… all you have to do is fill in the blanks. I understand what goes where and why… I just don’t write the words.

In order to deliver ready-to-use products in just 1 day, all provided materials should have already passed your internal review process. Changes to copy, charts, images, or any other provided resource will result in additional charges based on an hourly rate.

Meanwhile, any edit request due to a designer error submitted within 48 hours, will be corrected free of charge.

Absolutely! An initial deposit of 50% is due to reserve your slot, with the remaining 50% due 24 hours prior your day. You’ll have the option to choose your payment amount on the invoice. If you need to make additional payments, simply book in advance as your budget requires and you make multiple payments using your invoice link prior to your VIP Day. As long as invoice payments are complete 24 hours prior to your VIP Day we are good to go.

Not a problem! If you have a project that needs branding AND website design, or a sales funnel PLUS web design, or possibly a 20 page website. We will want to book individual days to work on those projects based on the scope. Please reach out or book a call to discuss your individual needs.

Let’s Chat!

Still have questions or have another project in mind? Let’s connect and see what we can make happen!